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Since 2016, we started to publish the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Report, in accordance with the ESG Reporting Guide issued by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, to illustrate our sustainability initiatives and performances.

*17% more energy was consumed compared to 2000
The First Energy Index in Hong Kong
* Launched on 14 November, 2016
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*4% more energy was used compared to 2000

As an ESCO, we have embraced the goal of resources synergy, conservation and sustainability as a pillar of our corporate identity. Not only do we endeavour to operate our business in the most efficient, environmental-friendly and ethical way, but we also play a vital role in resolving environmental problems through implementation of clean energy solutions in our community to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

We support the World Green Organisation (WGO) in developing the Synergy Energy Efficiency Index to measure Hong Kong’s energy wastage over the years. SEEI aims to increase public awareness of energy efficiency and encourage cross industry collaboration to find ways to improve energy performance in Hong Kong.


We believe that contributing to society is vital in the development of a responsible enterprise. We convey our care to our customers, staff, suppliers, partners and the community.

We maintain good relationships with our suppliers and regularly evaluate our suppliers’ performance
We have a sound system in compliance with the labour standards and we organise activities such as sports game and parties to build up team spirit
We ensure our services and product quality meeting the expectations of our customers
We support various green and non-governmental organisations to help the needed and promote environmental conservation

Synergy is committed to fostering a collaborative culture across the board. We follow a strict code of corporate governance in order to protect the interests of our shareholders and enhance our corporate value.