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05 Nov 2016
Synergy Platinum Sponsor - Green Walk Hong Kong 2016

The World Green Organisation (WGO) held an environmental activity "Green Walk Hong Kong" for the first time to encourage Hong Kong people to make walking as a habit to promote Hong Kong as a "Walkable City". There are many benefits to "walking": walking can replace short-distance transportation and therefore help in reducing vehicle emissions, improving air quality and fighting against climate change. "Walking" has also been listed by the World Health Organisation as "the best sport in the world". This exercise, which can be started anytime and anywhere without additional equipment, can help improve your health and well-being.

Synergy Group was the Platinum Sponsor of this event. Mr Mansfield Wong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Group, and Mr Manfred Tong, Chief Financial Officer, also participated in the event to promote green and healthy living to the public. There were about 10,000 people participated and committed to participating the event since the start of the event in September and the launch of the associated Green Walk HK mobile app. Based on the average number of steps recorded in the program, it was estimated that the cumulative number of walking steps has exceeded 360 million, which is equivalent to more than 207,000 kilometers. This number represents the distance that can go around the earth for nearly seven laps, and the reduction of carbon emissions of about 68 metric tonnes. This represents the weight of 5.5 double-decker buses and it is also equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by about 150,000 trees a year. The results were very encouraging.

Photo and Content : WGO