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29 Apr 2019
Synergy Group received the Certificate of Merit – Servicing and Trading sector at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (“HKAEE”)  led by the HKSAR Government-appoin ... Read more
24 Jan 2019
Mr Arthur Lam, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Synergy Group, was invited as the speaker for the two-day international conference (International Conference on Energy 4.0: Designing the Fu ... Read more
10 Jan 2019
New Business Development Towards the Next Goal Synergy Group was established in 2008 and it was the 10th anniversary last year. The company is currently an integrated energy-saving and energy managem ... Read more
29 Dec 2018
Arthur Lam, Vice-Chairman and Executive Director of Synergy Group, was invited to an interview on Metro Finance radio on 29th December 2018. Arthur introduced Synergy Group who is a listed company on ... Read more
04 Dec 2018
Synergy Group Holdings International Limited (Synergy Group) announced its unaudited condensed consolidated interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2018. The Group’s revenue was ap ... Read more
19 Oct 2018
Synergy Group was awarded the Sustainable Business Award for the second time, demonstrating its committment and contributions in Workplace Quality, Environmental Protection, Operation Practice and Com ... Read more
04 Jul 2018
Synergy Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Negawatt Utility Limited (NU) through its subsidiary at the consideration of HK$1.2 million for approximately 60% of the shareholding in NU. (l ... Read more
18 Jun 2017
Wong Man Fai (Mansfield), Chairman and CEO of Synergy Group, presented his speech In order to advocate the “One Belt One Road” strategy, the International Finance Forum (IFF), together wi ... Read more
18 May 2017
Synergy Group was selected in the Top 100 Best Listed Companies of Forbes China Up-and-Comers List. The election was based on the comprehens review of financial performance, stability and the prospect ... Read more
23 Jan 2017
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEx) decided to implement a semi-mandatory requirement for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting from 2016 onwards, whether listed companies ... Read more