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04 Apr 2022
Synergy Group’s first Metaverse charitable collaboration with “Chef Nic Family” x “Hungry Sausages Lab” to offset 800 tonnes of Carbon Emission (CO2e) for its 5,000 Zero Emission NFTs

HONG KONG, 4 April 2022 – Synergy Group Holdings International Limited, one of the leading integrated green technology and ESG solution providers in Hong Kong, announces its collaboration with Chef Nic Family, a food and lifestyle brand founded by Nicholas Tse, and Hungry Sausages Lab, a Hong Kong-based creative studio, in respect of their launch of 5,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection titled “Hungry Sausages”. The Group will retire its verified carbon credits from its greenhouse gases to offset the carbon emission from the Launch. The proceeds raised from the retirement of the verified carbon credits will be donated to independent local social enterprises in Hong Kong struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.


“As the popularity of blockchain technology continues into the mainstream, the vast amounts of energy consumption required to continue to scale upwards, it may contradict the global consensus on achieving the carbon neutrality target. Through this collaboration with Hungry Sausage Lab and Chef Nic Family, we strive to affirm our commitment to innovations like NFT art but, more importantly, to increase social awareness of the possibility for the coexistence of the Metaverse as well as sustainable technology.” commented Mr. Mansfield Wong, The Group Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer.


According to the Group’s estimation, the creation and the launch of a NFT uses on average 300 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to the total monthly electricity consumption of a local household and emission of approximately 150 kg CO2 equivalents (“CO2e”). It is estimated that the Launch generated approximately 800 tonnes of CO2e. Hungry Sausages Lab will acquire carbon credits from the Group for the corresponding 800 tonnes of CO2e to offset such emission.


Echoing its vision, the Group is committed to devote efforts to supporting innovations, and technology, and taking the initiative to neutralize adverse impacts on the environment, ultimately raising public awareness of sustainable development and carbon neutrality. With the proceeds from this and future collaboration, the Group aims to create a sustainable environment through its proprietary green technology. Meanwhile, the Group is supporting TI Farm, a local social enterprise operated by hydroponic cultivation technology, by upgrading their hydroponics systems with the Group’s proprietary LED light and intelligent control system, target to achieve higher quality, yield, cycle, and reduce energy. The Group aims to assist social enterprises to show a turn from loss to profit, easing the pressure on society, and successfully surviving the pandemic.


About “Chef Nic Family”

Chef Nic Family is founded by Mr. Tse Nicholas, Ting Fung, a celebrity, in 2020. It is a food and lifestyle brand that shares the same vision to spread positivity and believes “We create experiences, not food”. The animated Chef Nic Family have captured the heart of youngsters, with members including GUIDIAO, NOODLE, MISO, DASHI, KEZAI and MUSTARD, each with a different personality and culinary skill.


Since its establishment, “Chef Nic Family” has launched a series of products and produced encouraging content in the form of webtoon, short video, comic-style cookbook, across multiple social media platforms including Weibo, WeChat, TikTok etc.


About “Hungry Sausages Lab”

Hungry Sausages Lab is a creative studio founded in 2022. It has organized an array of cross disciplinary exhibitions and launched a variety of trendy products for international intellectual properties and artists. A series of humorous “Sausages” artwork was created by incorporating different artistic and cartoonish aesthetic via graphic, 3-dimensional and animation design, cheering up the public in a down-to-earth and trendy style during the pandemic.