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04 Jul 2017
"Synergy Energy Efficiency Index" Press Conference - Residential and Commercial Sector Index Scores Both Increased

World Green Organisation (WGO) has announced the launch of the Synergy Energy Efficiency Index, which is developed in collaboration with the Department of Management Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong, and sponsored by Synergy Group Holdings International Ltd.

A scientific tool, the Energy Efficiency Index, has been developed to diagnose the symptoms of energy wastage in residential and commercial sectors. The trend in energy use over the last decade as well as the attitudinal changes in sectoral energy performance (consumption) should be revealed. Based on this year's analysis, the Index score of Residential Sector is 104%. The index using 2000 as a base year, has revealed that 4% more energy was used compared to the past when performing the same activity in residential sector over the last decade (2000- 2014). The Index score of Commercial Sector is 117%. By using 2000 as a base year, the index has revealed that 17% more energy was consumed compared to the past when performing the same activity in commercial sector over the last decade (2000-2014). When comparing the indices of 2013 and 2014, it was found that both sectors increased by 7% in just one year. The increase was surprising, in which was believed that the residential sector index has increased substantially due to the electricity fee rebate and the increase in the scale and operating time of private housing estates clubhouses. The increase in the commercial sector index was due to increase in the energy usage in the online shopping and data centers. It is expected that the data center will expand rapidly in the short term. If no further energy saving solutions are implemented, this industry will become a time bomb for the electric load.

Photo and Content : WGO