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Energy Efficiency & A.I. Technology

We have developed our own cutting-edge and versatile energy saving lights, from providing brighter and more energy efficient lighting to efficient LED Media Displays on buildings that allow sunlight through.

Synergy Ultra High Output LED lighting

Synergy provides LED lighting with an ultra-high output of 180 lm/W and a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Compared to the average LED product, Synergy’s LEDs have 80 more lm/W and a lifespan that is 3-10 times longer.

Synergy Approach Manufacturer Approach
Business Model EMC – gained by savings split/ beneficial to client Gained by selling
Product Strategy Born to be EMC product - willing to invest the highest cost in order to achieve the highest savings and longest lifespan Not born to be EMC product – need to maintain the lowest cost and the highest margin
Energy Savings Product needs to have the highest savings & quality Product needs to maintain reasonable savings & quality at affordable selling price
Product Lifespan Lifespan needs to be very long (Design Life of 100,000 hours) Need recurring revenue and therefore the life cycle cannot be too long
Product Warranty Provide regular measurement and inspection to guarantee energy savings Usually difficult to measure to claim any energy savings



on air-conditioning systems
without affecting normal operating environment

Synergy Coologic® Management Platform
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis on cooling demand, output, climate and energy consumption
  • Enhance energy forecast and increase energy efficiency with continuous operational improvements

Synergy Water Treatment Solution

Synergy adopts a differential pressure membrane separation technology in chilled / condensing water treatment. It can filter out water rust, sediment, suspended substance, colloid, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter and other harmful substances from the cooling tower. This Ultra Filtration process is preferred since:

  • No chemicals required
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • System efficiency improved
  • 90-100% pathogen removal

UF Membrane at 0.01 micron
which virus and bacteria cannot pass through

Water molecules at 0.0001 micron
can pass through UF Membrane